Truth Be Told Resources

Be Safe: Safe & Responsible Drinking Habits 
Be part of the majority of WV College Students who are safe and responsible while legally drinking alcohol.
Safe Drinking: Tips for drinking alcohol safely (
Alcohol Questions and Answers | CDC
Substance Misuse Prevention for Young Adults | SAMHSA

Get Active: Resources for Physical Activity 
Join outdoor activity clubs, intramural or club sports, rec center fitness classes, online yoga or mindfulness or any other campus organizations that support physical activity. It will help you feel and be healthier as well as build healthy, positive connections with peers on campus. Reach out to your campus’s C-SPF Student Leader for specific organizations.
7 Tips for Staying Healthy in College | National Society of High School Scholars (
9 Tips For Staying Active In College (
How To Stay Fit in College – 5 Health Tips From Fitness Experts (
5 Ways Regular Exercise Benefits College Students | Your Health Journal

Stay Connected: Resources for Marijuana Prevention
Connecting with others while sober is an important part of the socialization of college students and provides a greater sense of social support from peer groups.
Substance Misuse Prevention for Young Adults | SAMHSA
Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth & Young Adults (
Addressing Marijuana Use in the College Setting | Campus Drug Prevention

Learn More: Resources for Tobacco and Vaping Prevention & Cessation
WV Division of Tobacco Prevention
QUITLINE ( QuitLine: 1-800-QUIT-NOW, 1-800-966-8784
Tips | Smokefree
Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes (
Cessation (
Resources (
Reducing Vaping Among Youth and Young Adults | SAMHSA

Additional Resources
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