Prevention Intensive Overview

Provided by Tammy Collins, Ph.D., OCPC & Jo Anne McNemar, MS, PSII
Description: This beginner level session is geared toward individuals interesting in providing prevention services in collegiate settings.


Stigma & Language

Provided by Katelyn Fowler, MSW
Description: An introduction to stigmatizing language in the prevention field. In addition to learning what stigmatizing language is and specific examples, you will learn what words are stigma free, and what makes the words stigmatizing. You will also learn how stigma is a barrier to prevention and intervention.

Part one:

Part two:


Prevention 101

Provided by Tammy Collins, Ph.D., OCPC
Description: An overview of basic prevention concepts.


CANVA Training

Provided by Alyssa Milbee, C-SPF Student Leader for Marshall University
Description: An overview of how to navigate and use the design software platform CANVA.


Domestic Violence Learning Series (3 Sessions)

Provided by Branches- Sara Blevins, Director of Development & Shannon Petree Beckett, Director of Systems Advocacy
Session 1: Domestic Violence 101
Description: This training is designed to educate the community and raise awareness about domestic violence including common DV behaviors and all services Branches provides. 


Session 2: Understanding Poverty and Domestic Violence Victims
Description: This training is designed to educate and raise awareness about the intersection of victims experiencing both domestic violence and poverty.  This is a strengths-based approach that focuses on effective tools for advocacy.


Session 3: The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Substance Use Disorder
Description: This training examines the co-occurring experience of domestic violence and substance use disorder and best practices for advocacy.


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